JUST IN: Popular Council Chairman Suspended By Eight Of Eleven Councilors, Give Reason



The Chairman of the Ikere Local Government Area (LGA) of Ekiti State, Oluwafemi Ayodele, popularly known as Otunba, has been suspended indefinitely by a majority of the councilors in the LGA over allegations of maladministration, financial mismanagement and abuse of office.

The suspension was announced on Monday, October 9, 2023, following a resolution letter signed by eight out of the eleven councilors that make up the council legislature.

According to the letter, Ayodele was accused of defying the government’s directives and posting a video online that castigated the personality of the Deputy Governor of the state, Chief Mrs Monisade Afuye.

The video, which went viral and is still trending, has negatively affected the image of Ekiti State. The letter also stated that the councilors have sought the concurrence and superior authority of the House of Assembly to uphold their decision.

“We the undersigned Councillors have suspended you indefinitely as the local government chairman of Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State for gross misconduct and abuse of office.

“We have seek the concurrence and superior authority of the House of Assembly to uphold decision.

“Among other misconduct and abuse of office was your videos that you made to castigate the personality of the Deputy Governor , Chief Mrs Monisade Afuye and the desecration of the institution of the office of the Governor of Ekiti State.

“You posted a video which went viral and still trending as we write. This has negatively affected the image of Ekiti State.

“Hence you must pay for the damage done by vacating the chairmanship seat indefinitely.

“We hereby notify you of your indefinite suspension with immediate effect to prevent those who are poised for war in defense of the Deputy Governor take laws into their hands by resulting to self-help. Thanks”

Ayodele, who had served for four years, was also alleged to have refused to support the government-backed candidates for the local government elections scheduled for December 2023.

The elections have been marred by controversies over the alleged imposition of candidates by Governor Abiodun Oyebanji and his deputy, who is from Ikere town. A document purportedly signed by the governor’s adviser and the state party chairman had revealed a list of predetermined winners of the primaries, which were held on October 7, 2023. The document was dated September 29, 2023, and contained the names of the preferred candidates and their deputies for the 16 local government areas in the state.



The document was leaked to the public by a coalition of civil society groups in Ekiti State, who condemned the alleged imposition of candidates and called for a free and fair process.

Sources told Newsflash Nigeria that after the primaries, the state government summoned the outgoing 11 councillors in Ikere Ekiti to impeach Ayodele and another chairman, Toyin Afolabi of Ikere West Local Council Development Area (LCDA), on Monday. The sources said that if they failed to do so, the government would call on the state assembly to suspend them.

Afolabi, who was seeking a second term, was replaced by Rufus Olorunfemi, while Ayodele was against the government candidate, Olu Adamolekun. The sources also said that both chairmen were detained on Staturday in the RSS office.

The suspension of Ayodele has sparked reactions from different quarters, with some people supporting it and others condemning it. Some have also expressed concern over the possible outbreak of violence in defense of the deputy governor or the suspended chairman. The situation remains tense as the local government elections draw nearer


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