JUST IN: See What Happened To Sheriff Oborevwori After Winning Delta Election

Sheriff Oborevwori, the governor-elect, has won the alleged certificate forgery appeal case brought by Aghwarianovwe.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the case brought forward by Aghwarianovwe Novwe Ikie, citing that the appellant’s action was an inexplicable abuse of the court process and was mala fide in nature, intended solely to irritate the respondents and the court.


The appellant did not present any evidence to prove that the respondent’s certificates were forged or that there was any discrepancy in the age stated in the certificate, as further added by the court.


Additionally, the court stated that the second respondent had met all the constitutional age requirements to contest the election and was therefore eligible to hold the position. Furthermore, the court noted that the appellant had failed to provide any evidence to support their claim that the second respondent’s name belonged to someone else.

The appellant had even sued the second respondent in the same names they were challenging, which suggested that they were well aware of the names. The court ruled that the appellant’s case was bound to fail based on this issue alone.

The ruling reaffirmed the victory of the Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori and dismissed the case brought forward by Aghwarianovwe Novwe Ikie for its lack of merit and malicious intent.


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