Kano: Accept Supreme Court Verdict In Good Faith, Shekarau Counsel NNPP, APC


Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, former Governor of Kano State, has urged the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling in good faith.

Shekarau made the announcement during an interview with Channels TV’s Politics Today.

The former governor, who claimed he believes in the justice system, stated that no amount of abuse, hostility, or hate speech can give or take away power.

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and APC’s Gawuna have been engaged in court fights since the governorship election in March of last year.

The Tribunal and Appeal court have sacked Governor Yusuf and the governor is currently challenging his sack before the Supreme Court.

Shekarau said, “Anybody who has been following my own characteristics in politics knows that it is politics of peace and without bitterness. I see my political friends as friends and associates regardless of the political leaning.

“When it is the time to contest we go into the field and once the elections are held and the winner is declared my attitude is that if you have any clear evidence of malpractice you can go civilized. And once the court pronounces its stand and you pursue it up to the last stage, once this is done the game is over; and we prepare for the next round of elections.

“There is one popular saying: Whoever is not prepared to lose is not a civilized candidate. No amount of certainty will give you a 100 percent assurance. Once the voters decide, that is all. But it does not mean you will take any rubbish. If you have reasons you can go to court. We have been preaching this in Kano.

“Now they are in court over the Kano governorship election; we keep our fingers crossed. I am advising both parties NNPP and the APC that once the Supreme Court decides, let (there) be peace and accept. And I am appealing to them that abuses, hatred and hate speeches will not give you or deny you power.”



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