Kano State Hisbah Board Seizes Over 24,000 Bottles Of Alcohol; Arrests Suspects


In a stringent crackdown on the transportation and smuggling of alcoholic beverages, the Kano State Hisbah Board has intercepted a truck loaded with more than 24,000 bottles of assorted alcoholic drinks.

The significant seizure occurred along Zaria Road in Kano, resulting in the arrest of the truck driver and two accomplices, according to a statement released by the board’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Lawan Ibrahim-Fagge, on Wednesday.

The Director-General of the Kano State Hisbah Board, Alhaji Abba Sufi, underscored the proactive measures taken by the board’s personnel in enforcing a strict zero-tolerance policy against the illegal influx of alcohol and other intoxicating substances into the state.

The confiscated truck, found to be transporting a large quantity of alcoholic beverages, was seized at midnight during the operation.


“The truck containing over 24,000 bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages was confiscated from smugglers along Zaria Road at midnight,” stated Alhaji Abba Sufi, emphasizing the dedication of Hisbah personnel in safeguarding the state against the unlawful importation and circulation of alcoholic drinks.

He further said the action represents the firm stance of the Hisbah Board in maintaining the regulations that prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol within Kano State.

According to him, the apprehension of the truck and its contents is a testament to the board’s commitment to upholding stringent measures and curbing the smuggling of alcoholic beverages into the region.

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