Kate Henshaw, Joke Silva Canvass More Women In Politics

Veteran actresses, Kate Henshaw and Joke Silva have called on more women participation in politics.

They spoke in a recent interview with The Nation at the launch of the Ebony Life Creative Academy(ELCA).

Kate Henshaw said: “I choose to challenge the stereotype that women cannot attain certain positions in politics.

“I choose to challenge the narrative that women belong in a certain part of the office or house. I choose to challenge the fact that women’s health should be a priority.

“I choose to challenge that there should be zero tolerance to violence against women. I choose to challenge anything that limits a woman from contributing her quota to the world, her environment and community because we are half-half we are male and female so I choose to challenge any of those traditional practices female genital mutilation I choose to challenge to speak your truth and to own up to the fact that being a woman is a wonderful thing.”


Joke Silva said: “Yes I mean not in politics but other areas. We haven’t seen that leadership in politics but in other areas, banking, entertainment, the legal profession Nigerian women have actually taken it up to, do we want more, yes definitely there is room for more.”


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