Kidd Waya: why I Can’t Get Married Now

Reality TV star Kidd Waya has sparked reactions on social media after disclosing the conversation he recently had with his mother.

According to a Snapchat post, he noted that his mother, Susan Waya, told him he was due to settle down and start a family.

However, the former BBNaija Lockdown housemate who thinks otherwise explained to his mother to he could not settle down yet because he was not as rich as his father.

The post read: “My mum says it’s time for me to settle down. I told her I’m not rich like my dad yet.”

Reacting to his post, some social media users expressed indifference.

Others wondered whether the dad was this rich when he married his mom.

__kofoworola_ said: “That one na una family problem.”

Zidanethebunny wrote: “Marry me and together we’ll be richer than your dad and Mum.”

champagne_cruz stated: “Ur choice. Abeg no disturb us.”

kimzyvee asked : “Was your dad this rich before he got married?”

bbmaternitystore said: “The money no dey ever reach guy…you only start from somewhere.”


masoidbeautification wrote: “Mumu. Was he rich when he got married. Greedy generation.”

annyoiza asked: “Why do you think we care?”

tide_benison stated: “Did you dad marry your mother when he was rich? No, he just had something doing when he got mama to your mother but your choice though.

theonlycynthia__ said: “Remember your dad was not as rich as he is now when he settled down.”

olatopson wrote: “The question is was your dad as rich as he is now when he got married to your mum…”

incognito_west stated: “Richest people in the world tried it but they still failed and your dad isn’t even on that lists. Money only brings comfort in marriage, it doesn’t assure happiness.”

sbyoungeze asked: “Was your father this rich before he married me..your mother should ask.”


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