Kidnapping Spree Within Benin City As Edo Govt Keep Mum


It’s hard to believe that police authority and Edo state government pretend not to know about the incessant kidnapping activities going on in Irhirhi – Okhoromi – Oke-oroma axis within the Benin urban area. Same is also happening around Upper Airport road axis without any form of resistance or deterrence.

Two women were kidnapped just about a week ago in Okhoromi area. Property developers have abandoned their projects for fear of being kidnapped. Several of such incidents are not reported for public knowledge.

It’s the heart of Benin City we are talking about here and not along the express roads where we have bushes and forests.

These set of kidnappers come through the Ogba river corridor in a boat to do the kidnapping and from available reports, they collect ransome through Iguikpe community in Upper Airport road effortlessly. About three years ago, some members of the PDP were kidnapped along the Upper Airport road axis upon retuning from campaign.

It was all over the news, as well celebrated by the state government as part of its achievements of the procurement of surveillance boats for marine police for the patrol of our waterways.

If the government and our security agencies have become handicapped in protecting the lives and property of citizens, they should at least inform them of the unabated danger in such locations within residential areas for that matter.

This has been going on for years unreported and the state government seems not to be interested or bothered even when a relative to a ranking member of the government was kidnapped in same area.

Leftist Osazee Edigin AICMC


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