Kogi Poll: Tension Gripes Political Appointees As Bello Allegedly Released 306 Names Of Office Holders Without Polling Unit

The quest to unravel what was responsible for poor performance that led to narrow escape for the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC in last month’s Governorship Election in Kogi State is not yet over, as the State government on Monday released names of the commissioners and other appointees who have no polling units, making them not to vote during the election.

Governor Yahaya Bello was said to have mobilized this political officeholder to go back to their constituencies to canvas for votes for the APC candidate, but known to him; this person had no permanent Voter Card or PVC to exercise their franchise.

Pained by the deception of the appointees, the Governor mandated the Secretary to the State government to request their voting particulars to ascertain where they voted.
Some were alleged to have created fake voting figures and polling units to pacify the aggrieved Governor.

Governor Yahaya Bello, not satisfied with their submission, went beyond them to unmask the true picture of the voting identity, leading to the discovery of 306 appointees not having polling units to participate in the poll.

The document, which was dropped on the official platform of the State appointees, finds its way into the public domain in the state.

The appointees are now living in fear as the Governor has kept them guessing what fate may befall them.

However, there is speculation that the imminent sack in the state from December 14th, 2023, will pave the way for the transition to a new administration by next year, January 27th, when Yahaya Bello will complete his second term of office.


Standard Gazette

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