Ladies, Here Are 5 Sexual Mistakes Men Need You To Stop Making


From experience, these are the sexual errors of women that men mostly complain about.

There are actually women who still feel shy initiating sex with their partners.

And just before you laugh at the ridiculousness of that, there are wives who just lie rigidly, unmoving and seemingly-detached, as their husbands toil during sex, trying his best to make the best of the situation, and hopefully get a reaction or animated response from them.

It’s pretty difficult to fully explain how frustrating this is for men and while it is true that men also make mistakes during sex, we have dedicated this article to listing the five biggest mistakes women make during sex.

Following Uwanma Odefa’s advice on her vlog, “Love, Life, and Everything in Between,” if you ever find yourself doing any of the things things listed below, you better know that your lover, husband or partner needs you to do better between the sheets.


1. Unnecessary moaning
Don’t moan and scream if you are not feeling the sex like that. Moaning because you feel that it’ll boost a man’s ego is wrong.

If you are not feeling it, communicate it to him and suggest a position switch or something else that’ll really make you moan from true pleasure.

2. Being rigid
Many men would rather masturbate than than have sex with a rigid, unresponsive woman. The whole idea of having sex is a two-way thing. And you need to get animated, and get involved as much as possible.


Express yourself in words and action, don’t just lie there.


3. Not knowing what pleases you
It is not so cool to not know your own most-erogenous zones because if you do not know, how do you show him or let him know what to do to amplify your pleasure?

4. Being boring

Too many women leave men with the responsibility of learning about sex, and come to the bedroom expecting to enjoy sexual pleasure in all forms but just give him the most-basic pleasure in return.

Women need to do better at learning fun ways to blow a man’s mind during sex. You need to upgrade your repertoire of sex moves and stop being close-minded. The same way you expect him to take you to cloud 9 every time, he expects you to blow him [pun intended] away, too.

5. Not giving blowjobs
“I don’t like blowjobs,” said no man ever. So you need to learn how to do it properly.

And of course giving is receiving; so if you want him to give you that back-arching, toe-curling head you long for, you know what to do.


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