Lady In Despair After Becoming Pregnant For Sister’s Husband Fifth Time


In a distressing situation, a young lady has found herself entangled in a serious dilemma as she has reportedly become pregnant for her sister’s husband for the fifth time after a long-term secret affair.

According to a cry for help shared on a relationship advice platform, the anonymous lady revealed the complexities of her situation, confessing to a prolonged secret involvement with her sister’s husband. The illicit affair has already resulted in four abortions, and now, being pregnant for the fifth time has triggered a fear of repeating the same pattern.


The four-month-pregnant woman courageously sought advice on the next steps to take without jeopardizing her sister’s marriage. She shared, “Hi therapist Toun, my head is spinning in so many ways. I have been sleeping with my sister’s husband for a while now, though I didn’t mean to, but it just happened and we couldn’t stop. He’s been a good guy taking care of us. I have done four abortions for him, and now, am pregnant again.”


She expressed concern about the husband’s refusal to take responsibility for the pregnancy and is grappling with indecision about what to do next. The lady now pregnant for her sister’s husband has no stable boyfriend and the man in question has been her only consistent partner.

She is thus seeking advice on whether to proceed with the pregnancy, considering potential challenges in future relationships


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