Lady In James Brown’s Leaked S*x-Tape Breaks Silence


A young lady claiming to be the one in a leaked tape with crossdresser, James Brown, has begged people to stop sharing the video online.

She could be seen crying and saying that she did not mean to leak the tape as it was just a silly mistake.


The pretty lady said she does not want her parents to find out about what she did, so she asked that social media users desist from reposting.


Watch Video As Lady In James Brown’s Leaked S*x-Tape Cries Out, Says “I Don’t Want My Parents To See It”

She insisted that she did not know how she ended up posting the explicit clip online.

She also said that she has been crying since it hit the internet and she is tired.

This comes after James Brown had also lamented about the video and said that he is devastated.

Unfortunately for the pretty lady, netizens lambasted her for ‘chasing clout’ as they said that there is no way anybody can know the lady in the footage.

Watch video below



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