Lady Leaves Men Salivating With Her $ensual Waist Moves [VIDEO]


Oscar award-winning actress, model, humanitarian, Lupita Nyong’o has excited fans and followers on social media with her Wild dancing skills.

The Kenyan born-American based actress is known for her ebony skin, athletic body, magnificent voice and talent in acting.

But there is one more character trait she has that a lot of her fans knew nothing about. Lupita can dance…and not just dance, she can whine her wasp-like waist better than a Jamaican woman.

Just recently, a new dance challenge dubbed Jorochallenge popped up in everyone’s Instagram timeline including the actress’.

And she saw women getting their whine on as they balanced objects on their heads.


So the dark skin beauty thought to herself, “shouldn’t I be part of it too?”

Then, Lupita got to work and put to shame nearly everyone who participated in the challenge.

The beauty recorded herself clad in a pretty crop top and tiny wrap, Lupita started whining her waist as she turned slowly.

Check out the video below :



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