Lady Mocks Sister-in-law For Not Giving Birth To Male Child After 5th Birth

Young lady takes joy in expressing the situation of her sister-in-law who once mocked her for not giving birth to a male child.

According to a trending video of a Tiktok user, the lady claimed to have been mocked when she had her child who was a boy.

The sister-in-law had stated that the boy child signified her ticket to fully be part of the family. The said sister-in-law, however, is yet to have a boy despite her fifth birth.


“When I had my son, my sister inlaw came visiting and she said; you are lucky ur first child is a boy, ehen na now ur leg stand for our family. My hubby just called me now that she just gave birth to her 5th child and it’s still a girl II. Her own leg still hang for air,” she wrote.



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