Lady Narrates How She Found Out Her Elder Sister Is Her Mother [VIDEO]

A lady has taken to social media to narrate the bizzare story of how she discovered her elder sister who is ten years older than her, is her mother.

Taking to TikTok, she recounted how her sister and parents were always having arguments when she was younger, but she never knew why, until few years ago.

According to her, she felt like her elder sister hated her and never wanted to see her because of the way she treated her.

When her sister turned 18, she moved out of the house and after several years, her sister launched a search for her on social media and found her.

They reconnected and that was when her sister revealed the deep dark secret of their family. Her sister told her that when she was young, their father took advantage of her, she got pregnant and gave birth to her.


After discovering the truth, she confronted her parents and they said it was kept a secret to avoid bringing shame to the family.

She then asked her parents to grant her permission to move in with her sister which they obliged. She conducted a DNA test and it was confirmed that her elder sister is her biological mother and their dad is her biological father.

Upon confirmation, they involved the police and their dad was arrested and prosecuted.

Watch the video below,



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