Lady Shares Experience After Attending Her Ex Boyfriend’s Wedding With Her New Lover

A lady has shared her experience after she attended her ex boyfriend’s wedding, in the company of her new boyfriend.

She wrote;

“I dated my ex for 6yrs and he decided last yr to dump me 4 no reason. He met this lady and they got engaged, yesterday was their wedding and i was invited by him.
I met a cute guy during my birthday February and he restored back the love. I decided to attend my ex wedding with him.

We went together and i didn’t feel lonely one bit, we kept interacting kissing and laughing, didn’t know the groom noticed and was up set.
We left the wedding venue by 5pm,i made sure i presented my gift to the couple with my lover by my side.

Since 8pm yesterday my phone has not rest, my ex kept sending me message that i am wicked, why rubbing my new lover on his face, that he still loves me and want me back, that condition made him marry the wife yesterday.

I was forced to switch off my phone last night till now, messages are much. He miss me, he still wants me in his life, that we can still be lovers, i should leave my boyfriend, i should remember what we shared.
I am so confuse, I don’t know what to do, i still love him”.

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