Lady Who Tattooed Ka3na On Her Thigh Sheds Premium Tears Bitterly After BBNaija Star Berated Her


A young woman who tried to show her love for BBNaija’s Ka3na by inking the name on her thigh has finally spoken out after the reality star bashed her for her action.

The lady could not hold back the tears as she expressed hurt that the reality star bashed her for showing her love.

She also explained that she didn’t get the tattoo for cash but she did it out of ”fan love”.

In her words ;

“Hello people, I didn’t do this for cash. Writing Ka3na’s name isn’t for cash. It’s called fan’s love. It’s for me to have a memory that I have this celebrity that I love so much. But she bashing me this way makes me feel so bad. People now started saying all sorts of things.”


Watch the video below ;




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