Lady Who Used ‘Juju’ To Strike Her Husband’s Side Chick With Sickness Seeks Advice After Things Got Worse


An unidentified lady has sought the advice of people on the move to make after she struck her husband’s side chick with a sickness (Cancer) and things got worse instead.


Narrating her story, she opted to use diabolic means to get back at her husband’s side chick, after her husband physically abused her for confrontation his girl.

Although she succeeded in hitting the lady with the serious ailment, things only got worse as her husband now sleeps in the hospital with this side chick of his.

The sorcerer on his part, has issued her a notice on the expiration of the sickness which may led to a reverse action.


She wrote:

“I can’t sleep cos of the urgency of my case. My husband was sleeping with a young girl of 23 years old and almost made my life miserable. All efforts to stop them proved abortive. I have been calm about it until she started getting close to my kids and using my kids to ask what is going on in my house…”




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