Lady Whose Boss Asked Her To Cook On Her First Day At Work, Resigns

Lady who recently called out her boss after he asked her to cook on her first day at work, has resigned from the job

Sharing an update on Facebook, she wrote;


“My Boss finally spilled it, my oga (ex) wants me to marry him. Remember he employed me yesterday and today he proposed to me (his secretary) gosh!!..well I have to resign cos am not comfortable with the way he cares and pampers me, it’s to much biko.

I came to work today my boss (ex) came out from his office collected rag from the cleaner (thought he wanted to clean his shoes) started cleaning my seat for me that was when I knew diz feelings he has for me was getting out of hand ??. I sent him my resignation text msg immediately I finished my work today cos I can’t continue,,,
Next time I go for interview I will never put on ‘make up’ or say my hobby is ‘Cooking’.. Never!!!”

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