Laying The Strategies For Success On Campus And Beyond, By Hon. Nurudeen Aliu


The aim of this piece is to welcome you, and give you guidelines in planning your affairs towards an astonishing competence, excellence and success on campus and even after graduation.

Educational institutions are places for learning.They serve as centers for the pursuit of research and academic excellence; hence you are advised to keep in mind your primary goal of being on campus and at all times you should give priorities to your books.


A positive attitude is one of the most important ingredients for success in any activity, and this is especially true of studying and learning.” Develop a constant positive attitude about life and you must always be motivated to learn. Do not give room for worries, fear, pessimism, and ill feelings about yourself. Positive thinking is key!

For your aspirations to be fulfilled, you must set an excellent plan, coupled with the development of a will power that is resolute and sustained. So, focus on your purpose/goal with sound self-esteem, humility and confidence.
“Always remember that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything else” -Abraham Lincoln


God is the omnipotent being who originated the heavens and the earth and all that they contain and he created us in the best of forms – with the cells, organs and systems of our body well fitted in an excellent manner. He is the self-subsisting and all-sustaining creator; the Lord of honour
and power; the One and only; the Lord of the
worlds! It is wise therefore, to confide in Him at all times.

“And if one puts his trust in God,
sufficient is (God) for him.” Qur’an 65: 3
“Cast thy burden upon the Lord,
and He shall sustain
thee …” Psalm 55:22

Your success will come, knowing that you are committed to your studies, and also that you rely on God as the only one who has power over all things, believing that He will assist you, protect and have mercy on you and crown your efforts with success.


Being wise in choosing close companions or friends, and knowing how to get along with people (students, staff and others) on campus is very important. Associate with individuals who motivate you to act rightly.

The wrong company on campus can sabotage your chances of attaining peak performance and success. So, avoid negative peer influence! Be empathic, tolerant and courteous in your dealings with roommates and/or course mates; be supportive but independent. Focus on your blessings, strengths and talents. Be genuinely happy for others and do not be jealous/envious of anyone

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company” Booker T. Washington
Develop positive relationships with your lecturers, other academic and non-academic staff. Make efforts to understand their ‘styles’ and manage the relationships effectively.

Be humble and respectful as you relate, but learn to communicate assertively. “Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions.
Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.” Mark Twain


Dress responsibly, be present and punctual in all your lectures and be a good listener. Take your assignments, term papers, laboratory tasks and report writing seriously. Attending classes is not just a prerequisite to writing exams, but it endows one with better understanding, and it is key to passing exams excellently. Create a motivated and distraction-free climate for your study reading. You may wish to explore the library, as it has a wealth of information and it is usually conducive.

Set your focus on success. Take notes by yourself, outline important points, summarise, ask questions when necessary and be participatory in class. Be diligent in reviewing your notes carefully and regularly; and very importantly, never you pile up your notes until tests and exams!

New Facts

Short term
Long term
No Rehearsal

Identify the best time (and place) for your studyreading and make the best use of it. You are encouraged to study with a rich array of past questions, as this exposes you to the lecturers’ questions pattern and structure while also helping you to evaluate your progress and build your confidence.


Make the best use of your time. Integrating
one’s intended actions – objectives and
plans, into structured schedules is the essence of time management, and it is the best route towards meeting one’s ultimate goals in studies and of course in life. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but do not overload yourself. Be flexible!
“Procrastination is the thief of time; year after year it steals until all are fled.” Edward Young, 1742


Draw up your study time table and be disciplined with it. Avoid procrastination as much as you can as it is the biggest barrier to being diligent with the timetable you might have designed. Learn to say ‘NO’ to unnecessary socializing, laziness and
time wasters. Do not be naïve and impulsive in your affairs. As you manage your time wisely, be also prudent in the management of yourfinances.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin


“Learning can only be meaningful in a sound state of mind and body.” Health begins with the observance of personal and environmental hygiene – ensuring
cleanliness in your body, clothes, hostels, classrooms, and eating nutritious and balanced diet. Always keep in mind that tiredness, worries and boredom can reduce one’s learning rate; so, take time to participate in sports and exercises that best suit you. Relax, keep worries and malice off, have fun and get enough sleep at night. Make effort to nurture positive self-talk always and stay motivated. Be strong!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” World Health Organization (WHO) Avoid self-medication. This is why the registration at the university clinic/health center is very necessary, as it makes students eligible to the services of qualified doctors and trained medical personnel.


One of the greatest benefits of education is the opportunity to explore new resources and to socially engage oneself in the society. Make it a habit to participate in community development programmes, attend public lectures and take part in beneficial trainings. Explore the social media for academic opportunities and news, but do not waste your time on frivolities.

The university/polytechnic/college exposes one to excellent opportunities to begin to understand, tolerate and cooperate with people from different cultures, religions, lifestyles and backgrounds; and more so, to make new friends. It is important that you volunteer your services and time to improve the campus and your community. All of these will assist you in your personal development towards ensuring you become well fitted into the contemporary society. There are a number of registered students’ associations, clubs and religious societies on campus which can assist you in meeting with these goals. Although, try not to be extreme or let your zeal be irrational here – be balanced

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

If truly and objectively harnessed, these
extracurricular activities will help you
develop routines and patterns to make you
learn how to fit all aspects of your life
together as you prepare for the challenge
of the larger society; thus, making your
personality more versatile and productive.
“Start where you are.
… Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe


You are hereby admonished to conduct yourselves within the limits imposed by your institution’s laws and regulations. The management of the university/polytechnic/college frowns at you taking laws into your hands, and it enjoins you to stay away from violence and problems. If you encounter any challenge or problem in this regard, reach out to the security officers, your lecturers or Students’ Union officials for assistance.

Information is important; be security conscious – be aware of news and happenings around you (on campus and off-campus). Keep your friend(s) and/or family member(s) posted of your whereabouts, most especially when you’re moving out of campus. Do not lose your guard and you must not live in isolation!
“Safety first is safety always!”
Charles Melville Hays

“Avoid/guard against avenues which excite sexual passion and promote indecency and obscenity.” You are advised to avoid walking alone late at nights, or alone in lonely and isolated places.

Be law abiding. Stay away from ‘boys’ whose source of wealth is criminal/questionable; stay away from ‘hookups’, cultism and intoxicants (alcohol/drugs); eschew examination malpractice in all its forms and stay focused. In addition, you should see the
maintenance of the institution’s properties as a collective responsibility – for the benefit of the present and the future generations.

Finally, Never, never, never give up” Aliu-Winston Churchill”

You should know that success will not come all at once, but you have to be diligent and committed to improvement in piece-meal. Even when you get stuck, face setbacks and feel frustrated, do not be demoralized and do not give in.

youths! An idea materializes if one believes in it, shows a sincere commitment for its success, and increase in his/her enthusiam and readiness which lead to sacrifice and action for its realization.” Hassan Al-Banna

Irrespective of what your present level of learning ability and achievement may be, you can do better! Self-improvement requires diligence and doggedness to achieve goals, taking responsibilities from previous experiences (good or bad), nurturing a positive attitude, being prayerful and confident.


Aluta continua, victoria ascerta

This article is written by: Hon. Nurudeen Aliu

The Development Manager of Waterfront Agribusiness

Biology Instructor (On Part-Time Basis)

A Member of Distinction Corner

A shareholder @ GMAPO Ltd (Transport System)

A shareholder @ UMYAN G.I Ltd (Pure Water

He had the honour of graduating in the top 5% of his
department (with CGPA, 83.60%)

He was a one-time Deputy Speaker, Students
Representative Assembly, Students’ Union, Usmanu
Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


Hon Nurudeen Aliu can be reached by the email below,


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