Legacy PDP Vs Obaseki: Edo 2024 Guber Election As A Referendum On Obaseki’s Tenure [Part1]

By Felix Isere, Esq.

I watched with great amazement Chief Dan Orbih and his legacy PDP leaders rally in Edo North yesterday. That event has again reminded us that the forthcoming Edo governorship election is not a contest between Asuen Ighodalo and Monday Okpebholo or Olu Akpata. It is not even an election between the PDP and APC or the Labour Party, but an election between Obaseki and Edo people.

The revolution led by Chief Dan Orbih and other PDP leaders in Edo North is a reflection of the widespread discontent with Governor Godwin Obaseki’s leadership. It is clear that the upcoming election is not simply a political contest, but a referendum on Obaseki’s tenure as governor.

The frustration, betrayal, humiliation, oppression, embarrassment, disappointment, and anger felt by the people of Edo State are not limited to any particular political party. Obaseki’s actions have affected all Edo people, regardless of their political affiliation, religion, tribe or status. This election is about the Edo people reclaiming their power and asserting their dissatisfaction with Obaseki’s feudal and authoritarian rule like that of Adolf Hitler of Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, Vladimir Lenin
of the USSR and Sanni Abacha of Nigeria.

The legacy PDP leaders, along with Chief Dan Orbih, are leading the charge to bring about a change in leadership. This revolution is not just about winning an election, but about restoring the voice and dignity of the people of Edo State. It is a call for accountability, transparency, and respect for the rights of the people.

The upcoming election is not just a choice between political parties, but a choice between continuing down the path of oppression and disillusionment, or embracing a new vision for Edo State. The Edo people are tired of being ignored and mistreated, and they are ready to stand up and demand better governance.

Chief Dan Orbih and his fellow PDP leaders are leading the charge for change, and it is up to the people of Edo State to stand with them and make their voices heard at the ballot box. This revolution is about reclaiming the power of the people and building a brighter future for Edo State with Senator Okpebholo who represents a new hope for the ordinary Edo people who are not privileged like the elitist Godwin Obadeki and Asuen Ighodalo.

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