Little Girl With Unique Shiny Birthmark And White Frontal Hairs Goes Viral [VIDEO]


A little girl with white frontal hairs and a shiny birthmark has stirred massive reactions on social media.

In a video making rounds online, the pretty girl was spotted lying down while singing a native song.

Her birthmark shone brightly as she stared directly at the camera and netizens gushed over her beauty in the video shared on TikTok.


@user3857607215165 said:
“Beautiful nature of God, please don’t try to change it. this kind is a natural blesser anointed by GOD himself. when you start a busines, let her bls.”

@jeremiahujerekre1 wrote:
“The the parents of the child have any idea that they just have birth to an angel in form of a human..Av seen a very similar case..very special human.”

@tonny_fiifi363 noted:
“OMG…. This is a lightning fantasy, I love it soooo much ,,, jeeessssss. Please take good care of this angel. Tell her Tony loves her so much.”

@bornbona1918 added:
“I feel like there is something special about these kind of ppl but since religion brain washed us ,we are new clueless.”

Watch the video below:


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