Location Of Airport In Uzairue: A Welcome Development- Uzairue Group Replies Okpella Community

Sequel to a report by Afemai Reporter on Sunday 2nd January, 2022 with the heading, “Edo North Airport Project: Okpella, Edo Government Set For War and a counter report by a group on the heading, “Uzairue Airport: Okpella Politicizing Project both on social media, the Uzairue Sons and Daughters, USD has broken the silence to ensue understanding on the crux of the matter.

In a statement by Abdulateef Muhammad said The proposed construction of an Airport in lands belonging to Uzairue in Etsako West Local Government Area by Edo state government is based on suitability for growth and not of tribal sentiment as purportedly reported by some quarters.

The Uzairue people under the guise of Uzairue Sons and Daughters, USD, in a rebuttal to guide and educate the public on the crux of the matter opined that the location of an Airport in lands belonging to Uzairue kingdom is a welcome development adding that the proposed Airport is not a project hijacked as reportedly claimed by sources from Okpella extraction in a report.

The application of the State government to have Airport in Uzairue was a democratic initiative lanced with developmental push and molding the coexistence of the Uzairues who hitherto have lived in peaceful tracks.

It could be recalled that the Edo state Governor, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki in his thank you tour to Edo North after his reelection, promised to grant the request of the Edo North people to have an Airport.

In his wisdom and magnanimity, the Governor has taking a bolder step to have his promise fulfilled. Therefore, all hands should be on deck in Edo North to support this development in respective of the community of origin.

On the airstrips proposed in Okpella, it was a private initiative by investors in the community and their intention is to have an airstrips in Okpella to allow easy landing of their aircrafts. This development should not be misconstrued with an Airport to Uzairue by the Federal Ministry of Aviation, FMA.

For the purpose of comprehension and guide, we draw the attention of the public to the discrepancy between an airstrips and an aerodromes. The airstrip is an aircraft landing field, usually with one runway and only basic facilities. The aerodromes on the other hand, is an airport with an airfield equipped with air traffic control facilities and hangars as well as accommodation for passengers and cargo. The latter is the proposed project to Uzairue kingdom.

The satisfactory qualifications of Uzairue by the technical team from the Ministry of Aviation support the communicated approval to the state government.


This developmental stride and economic welcome should be embraced in Edo North and we should at all cost eschew bitterness and sentimental politics to crush path.

The Edo state Governor, His Excellency, Mr Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu are not for Uzairues and Okpellas alone but for the entirety of the state. So, let us all join hands to bless any stone of development they throw to any of the neighborhoods and avoid unhealthy politicization that can cause disaffection.

Also, we should be grateful as communities, that upon inspection of the site by the FMA, the areas were found complementary to the expectiations of the team.

As a matter of urgent correction and better information to the public, we the Sons and Daughters, USD of Uzairue kingdom in home and diaspora have reinterated and proclaimed with consciousness and sense of belonging to affirm without an iota of detribalization that the proposed Airport to Edo North to be cited in lands belonging to Uzairue is not an hijacked project and does not have any relation to airstrips proposed by investors to Okpella community.

While we celebrate and thank the Governor for a work well done and assure him of our support at all times, we appeal for support of all in Edo North to join hands together as partners in progress and shun acts that can ignite vices among friendly communities.

For the purpose of clarity, remember, the technical team from FMA inspected the lands of Uzairue and Okpella for the proposed Airport. This was done in good faith believing that the outcome of the inspection is for development.

The Uzairues have available lands for Development that ordinarily would have not call for inclusion of another community but for fairness and allowance, the two communities were in account for the inspection.

As a united and development driven community, we make bold to say that the Uzairue people wholeheartedly welcome and accept without hesitation the Airport proposal to Uzairue kingdom.

In respect to the naming, the justification is very clear, the two communities stand at an advantage. When the area the Airport is cited is co owned by Uzairue and Okpella, it should be named Uzairue/Okpella Airport but on the contrary, if the area the Airport is cited is owned by Uzairue alone, then, it should be named Uzairue Airport.

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