Man Bites Venomous Snake Back, Killing It, After Being Attacked While Sleeping

In a daring and unconventional move, Santosh Lohar, a 35-year-old Indian worker, bit a venomous snake twice, killing it, after it attacked him while he was sleeping at his base camp in Bihar’s Nawada District.

According to Lohar, he was following a superstition that believes biting a snake twice can transfer the venom back to the reptile. Despite being bitten, Lohar’s quick thinking and bravery likely saved his life.

Colleagues quickly rushed Lohar to the hospital, where he received antivenom treatment and was monitored overnight. Fortunately, he responded well to the treatment and was discharged the next day.

The incident has gone viral, with many speculating that the snake may not have been venomous, or else Lohar would have been in critical condition. However, the exact species of the snake remains unknown.

Lohar’s remarkable story has sparked both amazement and concern, highlighting the importance of seeking medical attention immediately after a snake bite. While his actions may have been unorthodox, they undoubtedly showcase his courage and determination to survive


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