Man Burns His Girlfriend And The Mother When She Broke Up [PHOTOS]

This fatal incidence happened in Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono region of ghana.

Where wisdom who is a Uber driver friend’s a lady in the town for almost 5 years. MadamAbena who is the mother of the lady really likes the guy very much and even tell him to come home anytime he want.

Wisdom usually provides the family with some of their basic needs but Efua started cheating on him when she completed JHS. Wisdom reported this to Efua’s mother and the mother talked to her but she said she don’t love the boy anymore because she wanted to focus on her studies.

So the mother told wisdom about her daughter’s action towards him. Wisdom intelligently asked Efua and she confirmed that is true which really hurt wisdom because he has spent a lot of money on her.

Wisdom decided to forget her but his friends usually tease him that he always sponsor ladies to complete school and left him because this is not the first time this has happened to him.


This really makes Wisdom angry, so he decided to kill the girl and her family.Wisdom bought petrol and went to Efua’s house around 8pm when are asleep, he poured the petrol inside the single room and locked the main door with another padlock. He light it up and burn the whole building, people heard the voice and came around and put the fire off, but find out that Efua’s mother is dead, Efua and her junior sister are in critical condition.

Wisdom runned away but the police told his friends to convinced him to come back,so his friends convinced him and he came back for the police to arrest him.

Wisdom is now in Dormaa Ahenkro police custody.



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