Man Calls Out Brother’s Widow Who Got Pregnant For Another Man Barely Two Years After Her Hubby Died


A young man identified as @Aptitudes13 on Twitter has lamented after his late brother’s widow got pregnant for another man barely two years after his brother’s death.

He however revealed that his brother’s widow was later involved in a car accident which claimed the life of the baby.

He tweeted:
“Not up2 2yrs my bro died, his widow had a baby for anoda man, plus 4 she had for my bro. She had accident with new baby, baby died, stitches disfigure her head. Is being 5yr bro died, me self i never get over but wife he died for in cause of struggle to provide done move tey tey.”

Reacting to this, @OfficiallyAnn1 wrote:
“It’s funny cause if it was the man that lost his wife,in 6months everyone would say he needs a woman,he can’t stay alone,he needs a companion.when it’s a woman she’s suppose to never have another man,she’s to only take care of the kids,she’s not even allowed to be’s sad”

@bikkybooboo wrote:
“So sad,this is why we have women that are overly clingy to their children, they grow to become a competitive mother-in-law who want same attention from her son,women who desire companionship should endeavor to get married after the demise of a spouse,even religion support it.”

@everywomannaija wrote:
“If she was the one that died, I’m sure you’d be part of those who would advise your brother to get a woman because of his four kids. But yea, it’s a different yardstick for women”

@royalty wrote:
“It’s okay 4 a widower to move on after his wife’s death but it is a taboo for a widow to do so? Yeah she has to mourn him and remain single all her life while he has to mourn her 4 a few months,family & friends would recommend a wife for him as it is not good 4 a man to be alone”


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