Man Gives His Ex-wife’s Current Husband Appreciation Gift For Taking Care Of His Kids [VIDEO]

Man gives his ex-wife’s current husband appreciation gift for taking care of his kids in new video.

Two men have been hailed on social media as examples of what relationship among divorcees should look like.

One of the men, an ex-husband, appreciated the other, his ex-wife’s new husband, in an emotional manner. The grateful man surprised his kids’ stepfather with a pair of sneakers.


In a video shared on Instagram by his ex-wife, the scene opens with the man giving an appreciation speech before his audience of the new husband and kids presumed to be his.

The man with one of his arm in a cast sang the praises of his ex-wife’s new man who sat speechless.

He hailed the man for being understanding; for the cordial relationship between them so much that he has access to spend time with his kids with no altercation whatsoever.

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After all said and done, he gave the stepfather a parcel containing the sneakers.

The stunned stepfather opened the parcel and got to his feet overwhelmed with emotions before giving his wife’s ex a warm hug.

Watch the video below



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