Man Runs Over Security Man With His Car For Attempting To Stop Him From Beating His Girlfriend

A Twitter user has narrated how a security man lost his life after trying to protect a lady from her abusive boyfriend.

He witnessed the young man beating up the lady and stepped in to stop the act. Sadly, after saving the lady, he went to a pharmacy to get some drugs for her, not knowing that he was being followed by the lady’s boyfriend.

The angry man ran over him with his car which led to his death.


He tweeted:

“So this guy and his girlfriend had some fracas at a particular nightclub, and the guy began to beat the girl up, one of the security guys at the club came for her defense, and saved her from being beaten to stupor.

Her boyfriend now parked somewhere, & waited for the security guy to get off work, immediately the guy left the club, he drove behind him, & followed him to a Pharmacy where he made a stop to purchase something, & ran him over with his car while he was walking into d Pharmacy, for having d gut to come for his girlfriend’s defense while he was assaulting her, and left him in his own pool of blood.


Case was reported to the city’s police dept. & the monster was declared wanted, 1 or 2 weeks later, he was caught in the traffic by the police. Guess whom he was caught with in his car: the very girl to whom the innocent young man died, trying to save.

He left wife, and 3 little kids behind. Make of this information what u may. BTW, this happened in d city I live in. D girl is a friend to a colleague of mine. I’d tears rolling down my cheeks for days, for d innocent guy that died


an !d!0t.”

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