Man Spotted Sleeping In Traffic After Chilling Heavily With The ‘Big Boys’ [VIDEO]

Hilarious as man spotted sleeping in traffic after chilling heavily with the ‘big boys’ in new viral video.

A young man did not limit the number of bottles he consumed after he went out with some friends to celebrate during the festive season and as a result, he couldn’t control his eyes on his way home.

According to a video sighted on social media, the man who drove a red car could be seen sleeping in traffic while the queue was moving.

The man dozed off right in the middle of the traffic while other motorists are waiting for him to move forward so they follow.


He was awakened by another motorist who found it very unusual for him to be sleeping in the middle of the road while the traffic is moving.

For safety purposes, it is very dangerous for drivers to be driving while sleeping. Driving requires a lot of focus and attentiveness, hence when one refuses to concentrate, it may lead to a road accident, probably killing a lot of people and injuring many.

Watch the video below


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