Man Who Won $30m Lottery Wears Cartoon Costume To Hide Identity From Wife And Kid

An Asian man won $30 million lottery jackpot and made sure to conceal his identity from everyone.

He disguised himself as a yellow bird cartoon character to attend the ceremony in Guangxi where the cash reward was awarded since he did not want his family to know he had won such a sizable sum.

According to Daily Loud, when asked why he did it, the man claimed that it was particularly to keep his wife and child from becoming sluggish as a result of his newfound wealth.



The paper published a picture of the lottery winner dressed as a cartoon character accepting a sizable $30 million check.

“A man won a $30 Million lottery jackpot, when he went to get the money he wore a yellow costume to keep his identity secret. When asked why, he said that he wanted to keep his prize a secret from his wife and child… saying he was worried that the money might make them lazy,” Daily Loud scribed


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