Maryann Philip Shaibu: A Beacon Of Hope, By Comrade Promiseland

A woman with a voice is by definition “A STRONG WOMAN”, Melinda Gate passionately and courageously submitted.

On this immortal submission, I wish to Sincerely acknowledge and appreciate a strong woman with a loud Voice, a mother whose beauty rediates excellence, a pillar of support, a woman whose tenacious role validate the age long postulation that, ” Behind every successful man, there is a a strong woman.”

Unreserved appreciation to Her Excellency, Powerful Comrade Maryann Shaibu, The Ogbikpostoye of Edo North, a beacon of hope for the younger generation, I celebrate a strong woman who fearlessly went through the thick and thin with her Husband, Edo Deputy Governor (The Tactician), a lovely mother who knows the worth of a home and understands the dreams of her husband.


A woman who slay with brain, powerful and prayerful, courageous but humble.
May history acknowledge and reward your commitment, consistency, Sincerity and understanding shown to your husband.

I join millions of Edolites, Nigerians and the world at large, to appreciate your show of love to us all, your tenacity, encouragement, and prayers throughout the struggle.

Lastly, I wish to unapologetically bestow upon you the “Queen Mother of Edo North”, may your love for Edo People and philanthropic spirit propel you and your husband to the top in Jesus name.

Long live Edo State!

Comrade Kasimir Cyprian Okhumeode, (PROMISELAND)


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