Matawalle Supports Sanction Of South-Western Govs Who Incite Violence

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has said he supports the Senate President’s call for sanctions against some South-West Governors whose statements incited ethical clashes, saying that ethnic violence is inhumanity against human.

Matawalle explained that the wanton attacks and primitive destruction of human life especially in the South West is condemnable, saying that any act of ethnic discrimination and regional dichotomy is inhuman.

The Governor who said he sympathizes with the victims of the ethnic attack called on President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the spate of violence bedevilling some South-Western States which he said is gradually turning into criminality.

“There is no reason to explain that at this stage of our journey as a nation, we are yet to come to terms with the fact that we are one indivisible entity. But very unfortunate that our counterparts elsewhere are fusing up from particularity to generality.

Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media and Public Enlightenment, Hon. Zailani Bappa, the Governor noted that ethnic hate and regional dichotomy will not lead Nigerians to any progress but backwardness and doom.

He called on the President to take drastic measures towards ending the ethnic profiling of the Fulani tribe in some parts of the country which is now graduating to include the entire northern communities, especially in Oyo State.

“I also urged the Governor of Oyo State to take concrete steps in addressing the ongoing senseless mayhems and ensure that such does not occur again either now or in future. ”We are fighting insurgency and terror attacks and should not give power to banditry activities to control us,” the Governor said.

“Let us eschew primitive hatred against one another and learn to live in peace as one people. Our common enemy is not among those we live in the same community with but those who take up arms against us in the name of banditry and insurgency” he observed.

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