Messi vs Ronaldo: He’s Number One For Sure – Pique Chooses Greatest Player Of All Time


Barcelona legend, Gerard Pique, has picked Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi as his choice in the GOAT debate (Greatest player Of All Time) over Al-Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pique insisted that Messi is number one for sure because he has shown that he can be the world’s best even at the age of 35.

The Spaniard, who played together with Messi during their time at Barcelona, said this while speaking on John Nellis’ YouTube channel.

Pique said, “Well, it is true that the fight between them two in the last decade was quite impressive because both of them did incredibly well. I think that in terms of talent, [Lionel] Messi is number one, for sure.

“It is true that Cristiano [Ronaldo] has worked very hard to try and compete and fight for that first spot but if you see the careers of both… I would choose Messi, for sure.

“He showed that even though he is 35 he can compete as the best player in the world. He showed it in the [2022 FIFA] World Cup.”


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