Mohbad: Why Late Singer Once Attempted Killing Himself – Naira Marley


Rapper, Naira Marley has claimed that late musician, Mohbad, had once attempted suicide due to family issues.

Nigerians were greeted with the news of Mohbad’s death on September 12, 2023.

The fast rising musician allegedly died of an ear infection in Lagos, at the age of 27.

The police have conducted a post mortem examination on his body and Nigerians now await the result.

Naira Marley and his Marlian crew are being accused of having a direct or an indirect involvement in his mysterious death.

But the singer and music maker has maintained his stance of not having a hand in Mohbad’s sudden passing.

Speaking with Reno Omokri on Wednesday, Naira Marley explained that he had a recorded conversation with Mohbad, where he was pleading with the late singer not to kill himself.

Naira Marley explained that on this particular occasion, Mohbad’s ‘girl’ had called him [Naira Marley] telling him her partner had locked himself in a room and intended to take his own life.

“There’s some other time when I was in America and his girl called me and said he locked himself in a toilet and wanted to kill himself and I called him and kind of recorded the conversation asking him ‘why do you want to kill yourself?

“If your family is stressing you out, just tell them to go.’ ‘You’re a king, chill and do whatever you wanna do. Don’t kill yourself.

“If you kill yourself now what do you want people to say? You just made a video not long ago saying if you die they should hold Naira Marley?

“He locked himself in a room and this was after he made the video that I wanted to kill him. So I was so concerned…


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