Monday Ogbumah Celebrates Brother, Anthony Ogbumah At 50

More than just being a brother, you are a friend and more than just being a friend, you are an uncle and an amazing father to me and the rest of the Ogbumah’s dynasty.

More than I have always asked for, you have taught me so many invaluable things in life which have contributed to the man l have become today, to this, l owe you a debt of gratitude.

From the dept of my heart, l respect for what you are, the inspiration l find in being around you are second to none.

Your Godly and fatherly words give a new meaning to life, you’re simply the best!

It is hard to describe your personality in the most appropriate ways, as a father to the Ogbumah’s dynasty, you’ve been a shield and a shoulder to lean on, always there for us when everything seems blink and the world seems to take a pause, your commitment and dedication as a pastor in the RCCG has always set you out as an examplaniary figure to others and a highly cerebral and respected Road Safety Corps who earns commendations even from compatriots.


On your birthday today Sir, l pray that God bless you with good health, wisdom and longevity as you continue to be a standard for the Ogbumah’s dynasty and all of humanity.

Happy Glorious Birthday Sir, continue to soar high beyond the reach of mortals.

Monday Ogbumah.


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