More Woes For PDP AS Thousands Of Members Defect To APC


Thousands of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members in Abi local government area, which is the constituency of former Governor of Cross River State Senator Liyel Imoke have defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

After dumping their umbrellas for the broom, which is the symbol of the APC, the crowd proceeded to conduct a symbolic burial of the PDP by setting ablaze a coffin draped in the party’s colours.

The event took place last Saturday at the Itigidi playground with the people defying the heavy downpour to make a statement with their massive turnout.


Chief Alex Egbona, the member representing ABI/Yakurr Federal Constituency, who is the political Leader of Abi, in his speech, said the new wave of the broom revolution in the state does not only come with an admirable change, but with the assurance that the future for our state holds more promise than the past.

Egbonna, who won the Federal Constituency election in 2019 as an APC member in spite of Imoke, said instead of recycling the same old leaders, the leadership of Governor Ayade represents a dawn where young, vibrant and progressive generations are being raised in the light of succession and dynamic leadership.

“This new trajectory will dissipate the shadows of imposition and allow the true light of liberal democracy to shine on us. Governor Ben Ayade, with his wonderful innovation, has initiated an economic reform that has seen many industries sprouting in all corners of the state which is being complemented by massive involvement of youth in his government.


“To the People’s Democratic Party, this is alien to their philosophy, which was why they did all they could to distract Governor Ayade from achieving this. Governor Ayade, realizing this on time, had to shift grounds to the progressives where his visions and dreams will be more supported,” he stated.


In his own speech, the chairman of Abi Local Government Council, Hon Farathor, commended the Governor for the bold step he took by defecting to the ruling APC.

He said by his defection, the Governor has expanded the horizon of opportunities for the younger minds to express themselves, politically.

The youth decampees paraded a coffin in PDP colours, after which they proceeded to conduct a funeral for their former party.

The PDP coffin was cremated at the Itigidi River Bank, a symbolic message that the high-handedness, absurdities, arrogance and the autocracy that accompanies PDP has finally been banished into the world beyond.



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