Move Out of Auchi – Otaru Of Auchi Gives Protesting Heavy Duty Truck Drivers 24hrs


The Otaru of Auchi has called on protesting truck drivers in Auchi to clear the road in view of returning sanity to the area.

He made this demand on Sunday during an Otaru-in-Council meeting with a Representative from the Federal Ministry of Works, Engr. Arisola and executives of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (Heavy Duty Truck Drivers union).

His Highness having gotten the assurance of the Federal representative of the ministry of works on its preparedness to go to work on the Benin-Okene Expressway asked that the drivers move out to create way for the contractors to bring materials on site.


AfemaiReporters recall that the Kings of Uzairue HRM Imonikhe, South Ibie HRM Danesi and Otaru of Auchi had a meeting with the leaders of Protesting unions to bring a halt to the protests and blockage of roads days ago.

Details of the Minister of Work’s rep visit shall come up in due course.
Stay tuned.

Source: Auchi Blog


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