Mr Ibu’s Son, Daughter Arrested As Family Drama Takes New Twist

Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of veteran actor John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, and his son are reportedly facing another stint of legal problems having been apprehended on Wednesday and slated for court proceedings the following Thursday, January 18th.

The alleged reason behind their rearrest was their purported defiance of Mr Ibu’s instruction to transfer control of all his possessions, including social media accounts, to his wife, Stella Maris.

This development stirred a range of reactions from netizens, with some expressing solidarity with Stella Maris and others questioning Jasmine’s motives and reluctance to relinquish control over Mr Ibu’s assets. In the midst of this family drama, yet unfounded allegations surfaced against Stella Maris, suggesting that she might not handle the funds with the best care emerged.


In response to these allegations, Stella Maris pointed fingers at Jasmine, accusing her of attempting to sow discord in her marriage. She vehemently pledged to address the alleged interference.


Contrary to these disputes, Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel, asserted that he managed his father’s finances as the account’s signatory and next of kin. Both Jasmine and Daniel had previously been cleared of any charges related to the alleged misuse of donated money raised for Mr Ibu’s medical treatment.

These familial tensions unfolded against the backdrop of Mr Ibu’s significant health challenges. The actor recently underwent a second amputation on part of his already amputated leg due to deteriorating health conditions. Dr. Emeka Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), confirmed the severity of Mr Ibu’s health issues, highlighting the actor’s struggle to communicate, reaching a point where he could hardly speak. As the family confronts these challenges, the public remains attentive to further developments in this ongoing saga

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