Mrs Ibu Apologises To AGN Over Allegations Of Neglect

In a new twist to the issues around Nollywood star, Mr Ibu, his wife has reversed her earlier claims against the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and retracted her initial allegations of neglect during Mr. Ibu’s battle with diabetes complications.

During the candid conversation, she admitted her previous accusations were unfounded and a result of manipulation. Apologizing to the AGN, she expressed regret for any offense caused, emphasizing her lack of intention to disparage the AGN or anyone associated with it. Mrs Ibu acknowledged the support her husband received, including visits from AGN spokesperson, actress Kate Henshaw, during his critical health condition.


She retracted her claims in a recent podcast with controversial media personality Uche Maduagwu.

This significant shift in her stance sheds new light on the support network surrounding Mr. Ibu during his health crisis, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing saga.

See more reports that Mr. Ibu’s health struggles, particularly the amputation of his leg due to diabetes complications, have garnered public concern and support. However, a separate scandal emerged as it was alleged that Jasmine, presented as Mr. Ibu’s daughter, is not his biological child. There were also allegations that Jasmine was involved in a sexual relationship with Mr. Ibu while he was in good health. This revelation raised questions about the nature of their relationship and the truth behind the public facade

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