“My Husband Who Used To Love Me Suddenly Lost His Affections For Me Because Of Kanyamata” – Abuja Woman Cries Bitterly

A woman who lives in Lugbe, Abuja disclosed during an interview that her husband who used to love her has suddenly lost his affection for her because of Kanya Mata.


She had further called the product demonic and a home breaker used by Abuja slay queens to destroy homes of women in Abuja and other states. She had said the problem started when he started acting strange towards her and her children. He makes secret calls and comes home late at night.

“I got to know about this demonic product recently after it had ruined my marriage.”

“My husband who used to love me more than anyone suddenly lost his affection for me. He no longer sees me as his wife.”


“His strange attitudes towards me and the children are quite worrisome. He is always going out without disclosing his destination and that has continued for a very long time now.” – She had lamented.

Kanya Mata, translated literally as, “women’s property or things”, is a Hausa product used for sexual intercourse and a love enhancer among couples as it has the power to improve their affections.

The general idea behind Kanya mata is for your husband and you to achieve pleasure so much that your husband is pleased with you enough not to look outside your matrimonial home.

But this isn’t the case, as the product has been abused and infiltrated by Instagram slay queens and sellers.

A dealer on YouTube, identified as Halima Faruk noted that the product is made up of herbs usually obtained from India and some other African countries.

“The product makes your sex organs extremely very sweet, so sweet that when your man tests another woman, the woman would taste soar to your man.”

“When you use the product and sleep with your man, he can never get the good sensation from another woman except you, and that will make him keep coming for you.”

“To know the effectiveness of the product, swallow some particles of it and take sugar, you will find out that sugar is no longer sweet, the way sugar tastes in your mouth, is how other women would be to your man.”


According to Halima, she identified Kanya Mata to be of many types and some have the power to compel men to release cash and property they never wished to give.

Young ladies have seen the product as a means of extorting men or snatch married men from their wives. If you have been following trends on Instagram on what women buy, you will realize that single young ladies are the higher purchasers of this product.

And even the dealers on Instagram say it possesses the power to make any man your constant ATM machine. This has, however, increased the rate of sugar daddies in Nigeria.

Recall that an Abuja-based lawyer, Annebrafa, recently shared in her Twitter account that more than 4,000 couples applied for divorce only in Abuja in less than two months.

“4,000 divorce applications in Abuja already and the year just started.”

“Some of these marriages are less than a year old. What is really happening,”? She tweeted.

Another Abuja woman, Monica also noted that she’s set to file for divorce. And this is because her husband has become a strange person. He hides to pick calls and refuses to disclose his phone password; and worst of all, he doesn’t sleep at home anymore.

“Will I continue in this condition and die because of marriage? I don’t think it is worth it.”

“I had noticed that a strange person penetrated into my marriage when he (husband) started hiding to pick calls and refused to disclose his phone security pin to me, but when I confronted him, we almost fought.”

“He does not even sleep at home anymore. Someone must have pierced him down with Kayan Mata. I am sure it is not ordinary,” she lamented.


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