My Wife’s Teeth Are Falling Off, She Also Have Bow Legs Due To Pregnancy, I Can’t Take It” – Man Laments


A man has disclosed the mental trauma he’s undergoing ever since his wife got pregnant as he complains of her losing her teeth and having bow legs.


Here’s what he wrote;

“My wife teeth broke and she now bow legs due to pregnancy

Please keep me anonymous, I am going through a lot atm.My wife is currently 5 months pregnant. And my eyek have seen things , she vomit every thing that touch ‘. her tongue, she is always crying. I have clean so much vomit I can’t use my car AC or Room AC again. Now that one that is shocking me is my wife teeth is falling off and her leg is somehow bow leg.
I have been doing research online and I saw is calcium deficiency or so. I can’t tk I don’t no. In this her state she will be demanding sex again”.



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