N1.2m Fuel Filled My Car Tank Halfway, Ashmusy Claims

Content creator Amarachi Amusi aka Ashmusy has claimed she spent a fortune to get her car tank half-filled.
The skit maker claimed to have purchased fuel of N1.2 million for her car but surprisingly that could only fill the tank halfway.

“I just bought fuel of N1.2m for my car, and it’s still half tank. Somebody save me. Daddy please,” she wrote.

However, her claim was greeted with mixed remarks from social media users with some riding on the heels to make similar outrageous claims while others cautioned her for being dishonest.

effedeborah said: “Guys she’s not lying, she bought the fuel in my filling station.”


priscillia_oluchi_ wrote: “Yes baby, same here. Mine consumes N10 million fuel every 4hrs. This billionaire lifestyle is not easy.

oraspecial stated: “Ashmusy! Pls have the fear of God, I felt dizzy after reading this, I had to pour water on my head to get myself.”

nnenna_aldo asked: “Only half tank? oh wow! You’re lucky it even got up to half. My cousin bought full tank for 17 million yesterday. Who else is buying fuel for 17 million?”

the_cu_student said: “She’s not lying. I was the fuel attendant.”



john_outfit wrote: “Una too dey lie, Na community fuel you buy Abeg let the poor breath.”

fheytii stated: “Lie on us baby, we are your mouka foam.”

adedamola1 said: “Your own is even better bought fuel of 1.5m in my bicycle it’s still half tank.”

domingo_loso wrote: “My sister even if na Bugatti you dey drive, e no possible na.”

cardeals.ng stated: “You must be driving a Russian war TANK!!”

susan_adike said: “you’re lucky oh Ashmusy nwa. My driver got 12.5million naira fuel and we couldn’t even get to Utako from Gwarimpa cuz fuel don finish Fear catch me sef. Daddy save us please cuz our lies don Dey cost pass fuel itself.”

helsartistic asked: “Aunty you dey drive armoured tank?”

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