New Crisis Unfolds In Rivers As Assembly Asks Fubara To Re-Present Budget

The Rivers State House of Assembly has passed a resolution urging Governor Siminialaye Fubara to reconsider and re-present the state’s 2024 budget and the medium-term expenditure framework to the House. This decision was reached during the 90th plenary session at the legislators’ quarters in Port Harcourt, following a motion adopted at a session presided over by Speaker Martin Amaewhu. reports that the resolution sets the prospect of a constitutional crisis following the earlier adoption of the budget presented to the four-man faction of the House presided over by the former speaker, Edison Ehie.

Expressing his concern, Speaker Amaewhu highlighted that the House had not yet received the budget and expenditure framework from the executive, emphasizing the governor’s obligation to present them for approval in line with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution.


Governor Fubara had initially presented a budget of N800 billion for 2024 to a four-man House of Assembly on December 13. Intriguingly, the governor swiftly signed the budget into law just 24 hours after its presentation to the lawmakers on December 14.

However, in the context of ending the political crisis in the state, a peace accord facilitated by President Bola Tinubu necessitates Governor Fubara to re-present the budget. This move aligns with the efforts to restore harmony and adherence to established constitutional processes in the state’s legislative procedures.

The call for reconsideration underscores the importance of a thorough and transparent legislative process, ensuring that budgetary decisions align with constitutional requirements. As Governor Fubara revisits the budget, it becomes a pivotal moment in fostering collaboration between the executive and legislative arms for the benefit of Rivers State and its constituents.

The resolution reflects the assembly’s commitment to upholding constitutional principles and ensuring that the budgetary process follows due diligence. By urging Governor Fubara to re-present the budget, the assembly seeks to reaffirm the significance of thorough scrutiny and approval, promoting transparency and accountability in the state’s financial affairs. This legislative stance contributes to the ongoing efforts to establish a robust governance framework that serves the best interests of the people of Rivers State.

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