New Explanation On Why Actress Ekene Umenwa Knelt Before Gospel Singer Moses Bliss At Her Wedding

In a recent viral video, actress Ekene Umenwa was seen kneeling before gospel singer Moses Bliss during her wedding celebration. The incident sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows among fans and netizens.

MC Deacon Famous, a multi-talented comedian and MC, took to Instagram to provide some context to the incident, putting an end to the speculations surrounding Ekene’s actions.


The elaborate wedding celebration, attended by hundreds of guests, took an unexpected turn when Moses Bliss made a surprise appearance, serenading the bride, her husband, and the attendees. According to MC Deacon Famous, Ekene personally invited the gospel singer to perform at her wedding, acting on her desire to have a spiritual and worshipful atmosphere during the event.


Deacon Famous explained that Ekene is a devout listener of Moses Bliss’ music, considering him one of her favorite gospel artistes. Overwhelmed with excitement, she spontaneously knelt before him during his performance. Contrary to rumors, her gesture was not an act of leaving her spouse behind; instead, both Ekene and her husband were captured in a video, kneeling before the singer, engaged in a moment of prayer together.

The comedian emphasized that Ekene’s act of kneeling was a way to honor God and seek blessings for her married life. He clarified that several other attendees also knelt before Moses Bliss, demonstrating their devotion and spirituality during his performance. Deacon Famous expressed his confusion over the unnecessary controversy surrounding Ekene’s genuine display of faith.


Watch video below;

It is evident that Ekene Umenwa’s intention was to infuse her wedding reception with spiritual significance, creating a meaningful experience for herself, her spouse, and their guests. MC Deacon Famous’s explanation sheds light on the true nature of the incident, emphasizing the actress’s sincere and heartfelt gesture toward her favorite gospel singer.

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