Nigerian Actress Faces New Backlash Over Public Prayers For Husband


Nigerian actress Ekene Umenwa is making headlines again for her public prayers and declarations to her husband.

Known for her performances on screen, Umenwa has recently found herself at the center of controversy, and this time, it revolves around a very personal aspect of her life – her marriage.

The root of the current buzz is a photo that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. In this video, Umenwa was seen passionately praying for her husband. With her hands placed on his head, she fervently declared blessings and good fortune over his life.

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While such a gesture might seem endearing to some, it has sparked a major backlash. The public is questioning the appropriateness of such an intimate act being broadcast so openly. Critics argue that prayers, especially those of such a personal nature, should remain private, not paraded on social media for all to see as Ekene Umenwa has been accused of doing.


One Nita_Daniels revealed that since they got married, they had been doing too much, “is it just me or a these couples doing too much?” reports that this backlash isn’t happening in isolation. It’s amplified by the backdrop of Umenwa’s already controversial wedding video that had previously set tongues wagging. During her wedding, she was captured kneeling in front of gospel singer Moses Bliss.

Her actions were dramatic and filled with excitement. She was seen running towards him, kneeling, and basking in the adulation as Bliss serenaded her with praises. This act, particularly on her wedding day, raised eyebrows. Many felt it was inappropriate and disrespectful to her husband, questioning her decision to kneel before another man on such a significant occasion.

However, not everyone saw it in a negative light. Some defended her, suggesting that her actions were merely an expression of overwhelming joy and respect for someone she admires. This viewpoint was supported by her husband and best friend, who both spoke out in her defense. They suggested that the incident was being blown out of proportion and that the public’s perception was far from the truth. However, assertions on Ekene Umenwa’s public prayers for her husband are a different kettle of fish


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