Nigerian Govt Procures 13 Turkish-Made Armoured Vehicles To Protect Abuja-Kaduna Highway


In a bid to fortify security along the Abuja-Kaduna highway, the Nigerian military has recently concluded a procurement deal for 13 state-of-the-art armoured vehicles manufactured in Turkey.

The acquisition, a collaborative effort between Asisguard and Nurol Makine, Turkish defence industry companies, is expected to enhance safety measures along this crucial transportation artery significantly.

The Turkish-manufactured Yoruk 4×4 armoured vehicles are renowned for their versatility and robustness, equipped with a range of weapon systems, including 7.62 and 12.7 mm machine guns, 40 mm grenade launchers, as well as air and anti-tank weaponry.

The initiative aims to empower soldiers tasked with securing the Abuja-Kaduna highway, a pivotal route linking the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to the northwestern Kaduna state.


The vehicles’ speed and adaptable weaponry positions them as key assets in bolstering the military’s efforts to safeguard this vital thoroughfare.

Speaking to Anadolu, Asisguard’s general manager, Baris Duzgun, said the company has signed a $36.5 million project with Nigeria’s Defence Ministry.

He said: “We will contribute to the security of the region with our stakeholders in Turkey, with the latest indigenous technology systems and products.”



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