Nigerians Attack Ganduje As He Stamp His Feet On Kwankwaso’s Poster At A Function


Nigerians have fired Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, Governor of Kano State over stamped his feet on the poster of the former governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso at a function in the state.

Ganduje previously served as Rabiu Kwankwaso’s deputy governor twice, between 1999 to 2003 and 2011 to 2015.

Ganduje was also appointed by Kwankwaso as the Commissioner for Local Government. From 2003 to 2007 he served as the Special Adviser (Political) to the Minister of Defence under Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso.

Whether one like it or not, today Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is the most organized and powerful politician in Kano state.

In 1999 Kwankwaso was actually defeated by the present Kano State Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje during PDP Primaries. Ganduje later was compensated with the position of Deputy Governor.

That was how far Governor Ganduje can boast of politically, since then he has remained in the shadows of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, when Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau defeated Kwankwaso in 2003, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed Kwankwaso as Nigeria’s Representative to Dafur, Ganduje was with him as his personal assistant, when Kwankwaso was later appointed on the Board of NDDC he again went with Ganduje later he was appointed to head the powerful ministry of defence and Ganduje again emerge as his personal assistant.

Ganduje on June 12, stamped his feet on the poster of the former governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso at a function in the state.

Ganduje issued an immediate suspension of political campaign and campaign posters, banners of ‘overzealous’ aspirants in the state.

Nigerians have reacted the over the Ganduje stamped his feet on the poster of the former boss at a function in the state.

Dr Mu’azu Magaji was an ally and loyalist to the Kwankwasiyya movement before he decamped to the Gandujiyya before to the 2019 general elections, said the former governor deserved all the respect and cannot drag such a personality in the mud without dragging the offices he occupied along with him.

He wrote:

“Noooo your Excellency, pls No!

“Whoever advised this as an act of political opposition or more appropriately a demonstration of conquest, vanquish or authority doesn’t know politics enough and how it spins…..this act am sorry to say Sir, is petty and not right coming from an elder and our leader like yourself. ..

“Your Excellency, no matter what happens Kwankwaso was a former Governor, Minister of the federal Republic and a former deputy speaker of the National assembly and was a Distinguished Senator of the Federation….and today a major (confused) political actor in the Federation from Kano State….

“RMK was also through devine timing and design happened to be HE AU Ganduje’s former boss as Governor when HE Ganduje was his deputy Governor and SA as Minister.

“This act is sending wrong message and sadly will come back to hunt us as a party and Government, just imagine how I will feel if I see this happening to HE AU Ganduje after he leaves office. For the record, we fought SLS for his disrespect for the position age and status of HE AU Ganduje in Kano.

“I will urge HE to pls take the moral position of an elder and leader ….having won the bitter war between him and RMK, got all he wanted in his life most of which was with RMK and as Allah wished it the coveted price of Governorship was despite and irrespective of RMK….that to me was the greatest win.

“As a younger Next generation leaders, when ever gives us the space to serve, we will certainty tolerate any actor under our leadership disrespecting any of our leaders and elders …be it RMK or Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau and certainly and expecially HE AU Ganduje.

“Let’s learn that from you as our elders today, so that we can practice it tomorrow…not the other way round please.

“Your Excellency, you are surrounded by very bad company and negatively minded actors that will not be there when the same treatment is directed at you….we will not stand by and watch that happens in sha Allah, which is why we are asking you to please lead us based on yes a heated political debates on issues and differences but grounded on a better, morally acceptable and objectively fashioned opposition politics in Kano…..this is not only good politics but culturally and religiously aligned.


“As Khadimul Islam, best way to know those bad actors is to view everything they say, do or bring from the prism of your age, experience, religious beliefs and cultural morality..if you do so Sir, a lot will reveal itself….may Allah continue to guide and bless you as you lead us as your citizens and state, Mu’az Magaji wrote .

@ Edmund Echo Alpha, Why all this sycophant, myopic and pull him down politics in Kano state. Do you people even know that Kwankwaso is among the best options we have in Nigeria for 2023 if Nigeria must continue as a country? You should stop all this your politics of hatred and bitterness cos it will not take you anywhere, with Due respect Engr. Magaji, you that is saying (confused) who among you an Kwankwaso is confused? Noon of you as far as Nigeria is concern will ever get 1/2 of the recognition he has in your whole lifetime if this how you intend to get recognition.If this man were to play the childish politics you are playing in Kano like others do you think you’ll even be enjoying the little peace you’re enjoying in Kano. Don’t forget that this man has gone beyond Kano state as you’re thinking. This man is a worldwide figure so you should stop this envy and mind your business, is it not the same Kano state that is getting the accolade of his achievements. Do you know If this man were as wicked as some of you it will be very difficult for you to travel out of Kano an return back in one piece. Do you know if you have the likes of 10-15 Kwankwaso in the North there’ll be no Boko Haram, cos he’s not as greedy and desperate like others the way you portray to outsiders.

As you’ve been hearing of Ameachi and Wike fight of River state on social media have you ever seen any Rivers or their tribe come out to insult and attack any among them. Why can’t you forgive and forget if there’s any misunderstanding among you, especially you Engr. Magaji.

@Kabiru Haruna Isa: With due apology to Plato, I am completely apolitical and I have never endorsed candidature of any politician except Buhari. I really admire your courage of speaking truth to power, especially the power that be. HE allows his emotion to becloud and muddle his sense of judgement. As one of the most educated politicians/governors in Nigeria, he shouldn’t have allowed his half educated loyalists to mislead him and make ass of his politics. Kwankwaso deserves some level of respect because of his political pedigree, loyalists and family. He doesn’t deserve desecration and humiliation from an elder statesman like HE. You can still maintain your political affiliations and differences without being disrespectful to each other.

@Abdulwahab Ekekhide Abdulkadir: This act is very uncivilized and it promotes hates. May Almighty Allah help our leaders to lead with good conscience.

@Anas Yahaya:This is not right honestly. May Allah save us, because this will send a wrong signal to our future leaders, the teaming youths. SubhanaAllah

@Xhuntra: This man always looks clueless in every picture of his. Na only to steal dollars na him he sabi

@emorse(m): Looks unintentional. Wetin Kwakwanso poster sef dey do for there?

@Maxymilliano(m): Musa Rabiu Kwakanso, former Minister, Governor and Senator will always be a nemesis to the thieving babanriga governor.

@TabletMan: Kwakwanso also insult Gej when he was a sitting president and not even a former president. He didn’t respect the seat of the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria



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