Nigerians Resort To Buying Yam In Pieces As Economic Hardship Bites Harder


As food prices continue to soar in Abuja and its environs, many residents have resorted to buying yams in pieces rather than whole tubers.

The trend is driven by the rising cost of foodstuffs, making it difficult for consumers to afford entire yams.

During a visit to various markets in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the News Agency of Nigeria observed that yam sellers have adapted to this economic challenge by cutting yams into smaller pieces to meet customer demands.

Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko, a well-known yam dealer in the Dei-Dei market, explained that the decision to cut yams is often due to low patronage leading to potential spoilage.

“Some consumers will come to request yam for N1,000 or even N500, and we are left with no option but to sell the already cut pieces to them; that makes them satisfied,” Tanko said.

Mrs Blessing Ekong, another yam seller in the Dei-Dei market, highlighted the impact of the current economic situation on consumers.

She noted that many families can no longer afford to buy a full-sized tuber of yam, which can cost between N3,000 and N5,000.

She said to cater to such customers, yam sellers now offer pieces of yam priced between N500 and N1,000, depending on the size.

She added that the practice of selling yam in pieces also helps to prevent wastage, as consumers can see if a yam is spoilt before purchasing it.

Mrs Blessing Hassan, a yam consumer, shared her preference for buying yam in pieces due to its affordability and the ability to inspect for spoilage.

Another yam seller, Mrs. Peter Kalu, confirmed that the high cost of yams has significantly reduced sales of whole tubers.

“We cut them to pieces depending on the size and resell them in a way people can afford,” she said, noting that the approach has helped to boost their sales.

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