“No Govt Can Reconstruct All The Roads In Ogun State In 8 Years” – Gov Abiodun [VIDEO]

Governor Dapo Abiodun has responded to criticism over the state of roads in Ogun, urging residents to be patient.

The governor placed emphasis on the immense challenge of fixing all the roads, stating that even an eight-year tenure is insufficient to complete such an extensive task.

“I want to implore our people to be patient with us. We cannot fix all the bad roads in three years,” Governor Abiodun told journalists on Monday.

“In fact, no administration can reconstruct all the roads in Ogun State, not even in 8 years,” he added.

The governor, who has been in office since 2019, faced backlash last week as residents expressed their frustrations using the #Dapofixogunroads hashtag on social media.

They criticized the government for not addressing the deteriorating road conditions, which have been worsened by recent heavy rains.

Footages shared online showed the dire state of the roads, with vehicles breaking down and pedestrians struggling through flooded and potholed streets. The situation has intensified calls for immediate action from the state government.

In response, Governor Abiodun emphasized the ongoing efforts to repair and improve the roads but asked for understanding regarding the scale and timeframe of the work required.

He assured residents that his administration is committed to making significant improvements, even if it takes longer than his current term in office.

Watch the video below:

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