No Yahoo Boy is wealthier than I, says Frank Edwards


Multiple award-winning gospel artiste, Frank Edwards has advised internet scammers, known locally as “Yahoo Boys”, to shun the act, saying their earnings from fraud could not be compared to his from lawful means.
The singer-songwriter in a viral video claimed that he was wealthier than Yahoo Boys and could also enjoy it in peace.

Edwards also condemned “Yahoo Plus” an advanced form of internet scam, also known as “Yahoo Yahoo” which involves Yahoo Boys believing they can boost their chances of succeeding in internet fraud by relying on diabolical means, including human sacrifice.

The singer-songwriter said his legitimate financial prosperity had enabled him to generously provide for his family and friends and enjoy peace of mind, unlike the fraudsters who could not do so due to the diabolic restrictions on their wealth.

Edwards said: “Yahoo is not the way. Yahoo Plus is not the way. And I tell you the truth, and I don’t hide anything. I don’t know of any Yahoo Plus or anything that is wealthier than I am.

“I sleep in my house and I have peace. Most of those build houses, they can’t sleep at night. Some of them don’t shower. They use a lot of perfumes because they have told them you can not shower. So they buy a lot of perfumes and apply them thinking it will make a difference.


“What is the point of having money and they said you can’t help your mother? They’ve said don’t help your family with this money. Is that one money?”

The gospel singer’s view created a buzz on social media about his reference to his wealth.



One Asa Ijibekee wrote, “Any illegal/immoral way of making money IS NOT the way. And May they know no PEACE in Jesus Christ’s name amen!!

Another Matino wrote, “Man is talking with pride and senseless.

Jully MK wrote, “Hope this, not pride?

One Adelakun Tufayi wrote, “He said it and that’s his truth! There is dignity in labor”.


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