Obaseki Cuts Off Petrol For Dep Gov’s Vehicle As Shaibu Makes New Vows To Grab PDP Ticket


Irrespective of intimidation by Governor Godwin Obaseki who yesterday reportedly directed that his vehicle should be denied petrol, the Edo State deputy governor, Philip Shaibu has vowed that his name will be on the ballot in the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State.

Speaking in an interview following his declaration on Monday, Shaibu lamented serial intimidations and hostility by Governor Obaseki who he said has denied his office allocation for four months running.

Speaking in an Arise News Television, he said:

“I have been intimidated and harassed. As I speak to you, I have been relocated from Government House, I didn’t go to court to check the legality of that action. That is loyalty. My office for the fourth or fifth month, no allocation has been given to my office. This evening, my aides informed me that the fuel that they used to give to my vehicle should no longer be given. So, why all these?

“I wanted to do my declaration today (Monday), a top office holder called the hotel that they will revoke the C of O of the hotel. My wife’s business they went to harass her staff in the fuel station. Why doing all that? Why doing that? I can tell you that I cannot be intimidated. If I didn’t die during the Abacha era, I cannot die now. This democracy we are talking about, I fought for this democracy. I was detained with Gen Diya in Plateau along with other alleged coup fighters in fighting for this democracy.


“While Kanu was doing march for Abacha I was with Gani Fawehinmi and Beko doing Abacha must go in Yaba for this democracy. Some of these people in leadership were not in the country, some of them were somewhere enjoying themselves. If tear gas can cause cancer I am sure some of us wont be alive today, just for this democracy.

Affirming that Obasseki cannot stop him despite the intimidations including the cutting of petrol to his vehicles, Shaibu, said:

“My quest to contest for governor is not just my ambition but it is a generational ambition and we are going to succeed and I am going to contest under the platform of PDP. My name will be on the ballot.”


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